Hemp Go Green® 100% Hemp Canvas Heavy-Duty Zippered Tote Bag

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This is THE “No Compromise” Hemp Shopping Tote Bag!

We could have used a cotton blend, or thinner material, but NO. We used the thickest, most luxurious 100% Hemp canvas we could find.

Hemp canvas is as good as it gets. It is the finest, strongest, most sustainable, natural fiber fabric in the world.

Not only will you own the finest tote bag in the world, but you can help make a statement about why the world needs more hemp products. 

  • Made from the thickest, most luxurious, 100% hemp canvas available.
  • Heavy-duty construction. This bag will last you a lifetime!
  • Load it as full and heavy as you like. It will not break.
  • Has shoulder-length straps.
  • Closes with a strong, smooth, all-metal zipper to keep your stuff from falling out.
  • Includes two zippered pockets inside to keep your small items from getting lost.
  • Two strong metal D-rings outside and one inside for clipping your stuff.
  • Packaged and shipped in an environmentally-friendly 100% recyclable cardboard box.
  • This is the last tote bag you will ever need!
  • Makes an awesome EDC bag (Every Day Carry bag)
  • Measures approximately 15 Inches Wide x 6 Inches Deep x 12 Inches Tall.
  • FREE Shipping!

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