About Us

Hemp Go Green is a small family business. We are a husband and wife team. We started this business because we are both hemp enthusiasts! We are passionate about business and passionate about hemp. But we’re not business newbies. We have been entrepreneurs and business owners for more than 20 years. Our day job is running our other business together full-time since 2002 (founded in 1995).

Why no phone support at Hemp Go Green? We try hard to balance private life and work life with two businesses. We started Hemp Go Green with simplicity in mind. No retail store, no phone. High-quality products offered online only. Everything you need to know to purchase and enjoy our products should be available 24/7 right here at HempGoGreen.com. If you can’t find the answers you are looking for, please let us know! We welcome the opportunity to improve the information available here on the website. 

We check email and fill orders every business day. We promise the finest products and the finest email support we can offer!