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Hemp Shopping Bags – Learn the Basics

Hemp Go Green 100% HEMP Reusable Shopping Bag

Hemp Shopping Bags – Learn the Basics

Hemp shopping bags are designed specifically to reduce global warming and contribute to a healthy environment. These bags are made up of 100% pure hemp. Hemp is a hard working fiber, which makes hemp shopping bags capable of every type of work such as for the household purpose, shopping, and for the office, etc.

Hemp shopping bags are easy-to-carry and extremely handy. They are environmentally friendly bags, which are 100% biodegradable and reusable. We can also recycle hemp bags, which makes it one of the best products exported to different countries in the world.

Hemp shopping bags are more eco-friendly and environmentally cautious products. In the United States, people are quickly adopting hemp-based products in their lives. This includes hemp clothing, purses, hats, and shopping bags. Therefore, efforts are being made to make industrial hemp legal to grow in all 50 states, for things such as hemp textiles.

Hemp Shopping Bags are Durable

Hemp shopping bags are made of hemp fibers, which are the strongest natural fibers available on the market. Hemp fiber is also popular for its great durability and strength. Shopping bags made of hemp will last for longer. The materials made of hemp likewise does not scratch. Not only does it maintain its size and shape but it also makes the bags softer.

Again, the more you use these shopping bags, the better they get. In addition, experts recommend using hemp bags because they are much durable, stronger, and long-lasting than other products available on the market.

Hemp bags give different looks and styles, making it easy to pick a bag that is uniquely you. Hemp shopping bags are popular among all demographics — kids, adults, students, and moms — everyone finds hemp bags durable, fun, and easy to use.

How to Wash Hemp Shopping Bags

Our hemp shopping bags are specifically made from pre-shrunk fabric. Simply wash them and dry them any way you want to. They also have a durable fabric coating to help them hold their shape through multiple washings. In the long run they will look best with hand washing and a hang dry. And if you like them to really stand up while you are loading your groceries, we recommend ironing with an all-natural product called Mary Ellen’s Best Press to restore the factory finish. It’s like laundry starch, but better. 

Most hemp bags are not pre-shrunk, because this is an extra manufacturing step that costs time and money. The problem with this is hemp shrinks quite a bit the first time it is washed and dried. Not so much a problem if you are aware of it, but it can be surprising how much hemp shrinks, more so even than other natural fibers except maybe wool. It seems to be pretty stable after the first washing though. Hemp fibers can get really soft and even silky feeling (depending on the weave) after washing. For clothing that’s a great benefit. Maybe not so much for a shopping bag.

If you are looking to buy (pre-shrunk) chemical-free, cruelty-free, leather-free, vegan, and all-natural hemp shopping bags, you are in the right place! We sell only high-quality, 100% pure/natural hemp bags that will last longer and contribute towards a healthy and sustainable environment. Shop Now!