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How to Wash and Care For Your Hemp Bags

How to Wash and Care For Your Hemp Bags

You can really be as casual or as gentle as you want to in washing your hemp bags. Machine wash and dry if you want to.

Hemp Go Green 100% HEMP Reusable Shopping Bag

Personally I’m kinda tweaky about keeping them in as like-new condition as possible. So I machine wash (we have a front-loader), then lay them out flat on a towel to dry, smoothing out the wrinkles and setting all the folds the way they belong.

One of my favorite things about our 100% hemp shopping bags is that they stand up straight and tall while you are loading groceries. I love this feature, and I want to keep them this way. They are designed with a very durable fabric finish, but in the long run with a lot of machine washing and drying they will soften up and loose some of their ability to stand up while loading groceries.

The gentlest way to care for your bags is to hand-wash and lay flat to dry. This much care is probably unnecessary for the shopping bags, but we recommend this for our 100% hemp zippered tote bag to keep it looking it’s best forever. 

In a couple of years of use we haven’t had any of our hemp shopping bags loose their ability to stand up. But just in case, I’ve found a product called Mary Ellen’s Best Press that will do a great job of restoring their stand-up-ability if yours get to that point.