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How Hemp is Good for Sustainable Business

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How Hemp is Good for Sustainable Business

Hemp is an eco-friendly and sustainable material with a wide range of applications. It is the best alternative to the most polluting and environmentally damaging material like plastic. Hemp has excellent health properties because it is a rich source of CBD. At the same time, its fiber can be used to make modern accessories such as plastic, fabric, concrete, etc.

Hemp does not require pesticides/fertilizers

Hemp does not require any type of herbicides or fertilizers for its growth – even for wide-scale production on an industrial basis. This is one of the biggest benefits of the hemp plant. We all know that pesticides are harmful to our environment because they can lead to different diseases, decrease biodiversity, as well as pollute the soil, air, and water supplies.

Hemp requires no or little water

We are very well-aware of the fact that the agriculture industry in the U.S is using over 70% freshwater supply of the country – according to the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). On a global scale, as the population expands, the demand for freshwater and food are increasing.

In simple terms, the need for more crops, which use less water is capable of growing in every season of the year. Research shows that hemp uses no or little water for its growth. So, this is a non-water intensive crop, which makes it highly sustainable compared to cotton. So, there is no need for spending billions of dollars on the cotton industry alone.

Hemp is a good fuel source

When it comes to the environmental effects of oil extraction and fuel emissions, we are in danger. In fact, our environment is rapidly becoming deteriorated. We are prone to global warming and climate change. This will make our survival difficult on earth. We need to adopt environmental-friendly practices in order to favor Mother Nature.

Hemp is the best source for biodiesel, which is a type of fuel extracted from the plant material. Biofuels take valuable cropland used to farm food, which is a growing concern for most governments across the world. On the other hand, research shows that we can grow hemp in poor soil conditions and in different climates – thus this will allow us to allocate more farmland to other crops.

Hemp is durable and inexpensive

People who are investing in hemp production can make millions of dollars because of low-cost production. Likewise, companies manufacturing hemp products like clothes, shopping bags, and supplements are thriving because of excellent properties and cost-effectiveness.

So, basically, hemp is not only helping the environment but also the economy. On a global stage, it can help impoverished communities in terms of nutrition and economy. It is healthy, affordable, and sustainable.

Hemp farming would allow countries to improve their economic growth as well as introduce more jobs and employment opportunities – with the purpose of increasing economic viability.

Wrapping up, we think hemp is a gift from Mother Nature and we can take benefit from this durable, highly resistant material by incorporating it in our daily lives and on the industrial level. We need to make reforms for the production of hemp and raise awareness about it.

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