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How Hemp is Good for Sustainable Business

Hemp Business USA

How Hemp is Good for Sustainable Business Hemp is an eco-friendly and sustainable material with a wide range of applications. It is the best alternative to the most polluting and environmentally damaging material like plastic. Hemp has excellent health properties because it is a rich source of CBD. At the same time, its fiber can be used to make modern accessories such as plastic, fabric, concrete, etc. Hemp does not require pesticides/fertilizers Hemp does not[…]Read More

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Hemp Shopping Bags – Learn the Basics

Hemp Go Green 100% HEMP Reusable Shopping Bag

Hemp Shopping Bags – Learn the Basics Hemp shopping bags are designed specifically to reduce global warming and contribute to a healthy environment. These bags are made up of 100% pure hemp. Hemp is a hard working fiber, which makes hemp shopping bags capable of every type of work such as for the household purpose, shopping, and for the office, etc. Hemp shopping bags are easy-to-carry and extremely handy. They are environmentally friendly bags, which[…]Read More

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Hemp Fiber: Why is it Better than Cotton?

Hemp Fiber: Why is it Better than Cotton? Hemp has been cultivated for more than ten thousand years. It was one of the pillars of ancient China and was used to produce paper, ropes, and fabrics. The medicinal properties of the hemp plant were already used three-thousand years ago. Hemp is one of the most powerful plants in the world. It produces twice as much fiber as cotton, uses much less water and pesticides, and[…]Read More

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Is Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extract Better Than Pure CBD?

Some really interesting stuff here about pure CBD vs “full spectrum” cannabis plant extract. Apparently the full-spectrum products are more effective, as you might guess. We’re not affiliated with these guys in any way, we just thought the article was very interesting and wanted to share. A couple of quick interesting quotes from the article: “The Israeli study found that Cannabis clone 202 extract ‘is superior over CBD for the treatment of inflammatory conditions.’[…]Read More

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Are Hemp Bags Eco-Friendly?

Industrial Hemp Crop

Are hemp bags eco-friendly? It is no surprise to tell you that the world has already suffered a lot due to climate change and global warming. Research has shown the possible causes of climate change and has found that greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere, particularly those resulting from burning fossil fuels, is one of the most predominant causes. On the other hand, eco-friendly practices and products promote green living, which not only helps not[…]Read More

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The Era of Hemp Prohibition is Over!

Did you know? The era of hemp prohibition is over! 2019 is going to be an epic year in the history of hemp agriculture in the USA! After more than 80 years of prohibition, hemp is again a legal agricultural commodity! The 2018 Farm Bill, signed into law in December, significantly loosens restrictions (at the Federal level) on industrial hemp across all 50 states. Provisions in the bill mandate that hemp must now be treated[…]Read More

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U.S. Now #3 of Top Hemp Growing Nations

The USA has jumped into the top ranks of global hemp growing nations, recording a tripling of land under hemp to reach a total 78,176 acres (about 31,000 hectares) in 2018, according to the American hemp advocacy group Vote Hemp. Vote Hemp had recorded about 25,000 acres of hemp fields across the USA in 2017. Twenty-three states grew hemp in 2018, Vote Hemp said. Globally, that puts the USA third, behind world leader China (400,000[…]Read More