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Are Hemp Bags Eco-Friendly?

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Are hemp bags eco-friendly?

It is no surprise to tell you that the world has already suffered a lot due to climate change and global warming. Research has shown the possible causes of climate change and has found that greenhouse gas accumulation in the atmosphere, particularly those resulting from burning fossil fuels, is one of the most predominant causes.

On the other hand, eco-friendly practices and products promote green living, which not only helps not conserve energy but also make the environment clean and green. Eco-friendly products prevent noise, water, and air pollution.

In today’s article, we are going to tell you about hemp bags and why they are eco-friendly. Why you should use them? We recommend you to read this article carefully so that you grasp all the essential information and get the most out of it. Read on!

What is hemp material?

Hemp material or fabric is a sustainable textile, which is made of high-yielding crop fibers. Hemp itself belongs to the Cannabis Sativa plant family. Traditionally, people would use hemp for a wide range of industrial purposes – for example, sails and ropes. So much so, hemp is one of the most durable and versatile natural fibers.

What are the hemp bags?

Hemp bags are made by using natural pure fabric and yarns. There is a large variety of hemp bags used for different purposes. Some bags are made of hemp, cotton, and recycled materials, which are blended together to provide superior functionality and environmental sustainability.

In addition, the end product is a durable bag, which is capable of holding a higher resistance to mold naturally and has improved ultraviolet “UV” resistance, as well as long-lasting reusability.

Why hemp is better than plastic?

Everything made from generic plastic material can also be made from hemp. The interesting thing is that we can also make plastic from hemp – and the best part is that it is biodegradable. In the midst of global warming and ocean pollution, the question is why this eco-friendly material is not everywhere?

Oil-based plastic material is continuously destructing natural resources and its over-consumption has already led to environmental crises like global warming, deforestation, and high pollution.

Plastic has already invaded oceans and atmosphere. The common use of plastic on an everyday basis has reduced the chances to avoid it. However, fortunately, nature is still favoring us. We have an alternative – i.e. we can use hemp as a replacement without any harmful effects on the environment.

Hemp bags are biodegradable

The material of hemp bags takes 3-6 months to decompose. More interestingly, it can be recycled easily. The switch from plastic to hemp material would have a positive lasting effect on oceans, landfills, and pollution.

Hemp bags are durable

The ability of hemp bags material to biodegrade easily is great – but you will be surprised to know that this material is five times stiffer and three times stronger than conventional plastic.

The lasting properties of hemp lead to lesser production of products, which saves a significant amount of energy – thus producing a healthy environmental impact. Hemp is also highly resistant to heat – making it great for culinary use.

Hemp bags cause no pollution

Manufacturers use fossil fuels to make generic plastic, which releases CO2 during the production process that results in greenhouse gases and global warming eventually. The production of hemp bags is more eco-friendly since they don’t emit CO2.

In fact, the hemp plant is capable of capturing CO2 and turning it into oxygen. Statistically speaking, research shows that the production of one-ton hemp can remove 1.65 tons of CO2 from the air.


Wrapping up, hemp is much better for our climate and human health. Again, the fact is that over 90% of people living in the U.S over the age of six have traces “Bisphenol A (BPA)” in their bodies.

BPA is a harmful substance, which prohibits the natural production of bodily hormones thus causing different acute and chronic disorders. BPA is largely present in plastic material. This is why using plastic bags is harmful to health.

In contrast, hemp is absolutely non-toxic and bags made from this material will not protect you from getting sick but at the same time, it is beneficial for our environment and climate. It is indeed a healthier and safer alternative. So, we recommend you to avoid plastic bags and instead go for 100% natural hemp reusable shopping bags. Good Luck!